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Clarification of basic rules for membership, FP's, HMFP's and Operation

Bruucerii, Oct 27, 12 8:17 PM.
There has been some confusion as to what you need to be a member and run flashpoints, hard mode flashpoints and Operations, so let me break it down.

General Membership in Shades of Envy.
1) Likes having fun.
2) over the age of 21
3) can be courteous to other members of the guild
4) Enjoys the company of people that love to play SWTOR

Flashpoint Groups within Shades of Envy
2) For the standard group level 50 flash points you need to have Battlemaster gear and above. Columni gear will not cut it in some of these so we are just going to set it down, get a set of Battlemaster gear and not make the group constantly fail because of bad gearing.

Hard Mode Flashpoint, and Operations Groups
2) For hard mode flashpoint groups you are required to have Battlemaster or above. This determination will be advised by the group leader. They can make exceptions on some pieces , but the general rule is HAVE BATTLEMASTER GEAR OR ABOVE.
3) You MUST have ALL of your Datacrons collected, including the +10 to all stats, no exceptions.

In the near future Bioware will be including in a patch that if you have datacrons from both the imperial and republic side collected and the 2 characters are both within your Legacy, you get credit from both sides datacrons on all your characters within your Legacy. Hence the reason we are requiring a level 50 toon in our Republic guild Shades of Honor.

New Rule to be enforced after Operation groups are formed

Bruucerii, Oct 14, 12 7:14 PM.
As the guild moves into the ability to run operations, a new rule will eventually be implemented.

In a future patch, datacron stats from both factions will stack onto any character within your legacy. So, if you have all your datacrons collected on your imperial character,  that is a good amount of added stats to your character. But if you also collect all the datacrons on a republic character , and they exist in your legacy, they will also be stacked on your imperial character, thus you have double the stat bonus from datacrons. 

So, to be included in Operations, as we build the guild again, you will be required to have a republic character, joined in our republic guild Shades of Honor, and all the datacrons collected on that character, this does include the +10 to all stats datacron.

I, Castor have both imperial and republic characters to 50 and all datacrons collected, its not that hard took me about 4 days of work to get all datacrons.

So all new comers, take note that to do the hard mode flash points and operations, you will have a character in each faction, fully leveled and all datacrons collected. This will be enforced as I know none of us like to "chew glass" as we say and constantly fail at something that we just need a little extra work in other areas to help us out. Also, leveling another character in the other faction is kinda fun and a good break.

Thank you for your time.

Hard Mode to Operations Groups priorities

Bruucerii, Jun 5, 12 5:16 PM.
Here is Hard Mode to Operations Groups priorities within Shades

1) Level to 50
2) Gather ALL datacrons
3) PVP to get Battlemaster Gear (Be sure and purchase Recruit PVP gear first, and it will take you roughly 107 games to get your full Battlemaster gear, not including relics, or implants)
4) Level a Republic, joining Shades of Honor Guild
5) On republic character gather ALL datacrons

Between steps 2 and 3, Hard modes can be done, and feasibly can be completed, but with much "chewing glass". So during times that runs are not scheduled, please run pvp and get your battlemaster gear set.

During steps 1-3, and to not get burnt out, start leveling a republic toon. Keep in mind you can use your race from your 50 in the imperial side, or you can use a republic race, thus making another character on the imperial side with your republic race.

Also do not make leveling your Republic toon a priority as the patch for the stacking of datacrons is some time down the road, but it's wise to do so when you can as you get the buff as long as your republic is in your legacy.


Bruucerii, Dec 4, 11 11:55 PM.
Before you will be considered into the guild as a new member, you must first copy the questionnaire from this page, and post as a new topic in the Recruitment Info section of the forums page.


Thank you'
Bruucerii (possible name change for SWTOR)
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